Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation

For the Walls of Older Homes Without Renovation or Removing Wall Linings Watch VideoLearn How

They installed the insulation in half a day and filled and painted the holes in another half a day. The house is now 1000 times warmer and it was very reasonably priced

Daniel, Hamilton

Wow, amazing, fantastic, unbelievable!! I looked out of the window and saw the heavy frost. I then checked the weather app on my phone and saw that the outside temperature in my area was -5 degrees. In the house, the temperature was 13 degrees with no heating on at all. On mornings like this, the inside temperature would have been 6 or 7 degrees maximum.

Vyette, Dunedin

What is Insulmax® Wall Insulation ?

Insulmax® wall insulation is a soft, white, water resistant mineral fibre manufactured to the highest European standards. It is safe, dry, non combustible and formaldehyde free.

The Insulmax®  Retrofit Wall Insulation System is designed to insulate the walls of all styles of New Zealand homes without renovation or removing wall linings. Installation uses the smallest holes made in the exterior or interior wall lining. The exterior cladding is left weathertight. Our aim is to leave no sign that your walls have been insulated.

Insulmax® is the affordable, no hassle system to insulate your walls and typically takes only two days to insulate the walls of most homes. Join the hundreds of Kiwi and millions of U.K. families enjoying the benefits of blown mineral fibre wall insulation.

Why Choose Insulmax®  Wall Insulation?

Warmer, drier and healthier home

Save money on heating FOREVER !

Will not settle or shrink

Affordable no hassle installation

Safe, dry and formaldehyde free

Water resistant and breathable

Tried and tested in over 1 million U.K homes

Non combustible

Written guarantee of 50 years (excluding paint)

Insulmax CodeMark Certification
Insulmax infrared camera technology
Insulmax is in the AsureQuality CodeMark Programme of New Zealand

Certified to insulate the walls of older New Zealand homes

The position of Insulmax® as the innovative market leader in the Retrofit Wall Insulation industry was confirmed on 27th May 2016 when it became the first N.Z insulation company to be awarded CodeMark certification for its Retrofit Wall Insulation Method. CodeMark Certification is administered by the N.Z Government and is the highest form of product assurance in New Zealand & Australia.  CodeMark certification is only awarded to products that have high levels of quality management and can demonstrates compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

Peace of mind knowing that the job has been done right

High resolution infra cameras are used after every installation of Insulmax® and are able to “see” the slightest difference in temperature radiating from your walls. Their sensitivity can even detect the temperature differences caused by structural timbers or the presence (or absence) of insulation.

Independently audited assuring our high quality standards

Insulmax® is independently audited by Bureau Veritas, which ensures our high standards of quality are always met.

Why renovate to insulate?

The cost, hassle and mess of removing walls to add insulation has, for years, been the daunting reason why many people continue to live in uninsulated cold homes.  Most DIY’ers take weeks, months or even years to insulate their walls the old fashioned way and it’s an expensive job for the professionals.

The team at Insulmax® can cost effectively complete your wall insulation in about two days and leave your property spotless. Our aim is for our customers to see no sign that their walls have been insulated. There is no need to remove wall linings to upgrade your home! Add value to your home and save money using a system that European homeowners have tried and tested for decades. Our  retro wall insulation system is fully certified for use in New Zealand.

Suitable for 99.9% of Older Kiwi Homes

Insulmax® cavity wall insulation has been awarded CodeMark certification to be installed for all types and styles of New Zealand homes and can be installed through almost all external claddings including: brick, weatherboard, block, roughcast (stucco) and fibro. We can also install through internal plaster board linings. Installation holes can be as small as a 10 cent coin in the mortar joint of a brick home and about the size of a 20 cent coin for timber clad homes.

Insulmax® insulation is water repellent and breathable so there is no requirement for building paper and it is manufactured not to absorb or wick water so it can be installed directly behind masonry. Our trained and licensed installers will finish your exterior cladding to a durable & weathertight finish. We aim to leave no signs that the walls of your property have been insulated. You’ll feel the benefits immediately and our 50 year product guarantee means those benefits will continue for years to come !