If you’re reading this post, chances are your home doesn’t quite feel how you’d like it to be. Have a think about your home in relation to each question:

  • Are your heating bills too high?
  • Does your home lose heat quickly after you heating turns off or your fire burns out?
  • Do you wake up in the morning and feel like your bedroom is the same temperature as outside?
  • Do you only live in and heat one or two rooms in your home in winter?
  • Does the outside world sound too loud inside your home?
  • Is it uncomfortably hot in summer?
  • Does your home suffer form mould or mildew or does it sometimes feel damp?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, wall insulation could make your home feel a whole lot better.

All homes built since 1974 have been built with some level of wall insulation – as a nation we’ve been aware of the benefits for decades. Ceiling, underfloor, wall insulation and double glazing are par for the course when building a new home. The New Zealand government website, Energywise, states:

Good quality insulation helps keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. This makes your house easier and cheaper to heat properly, and more comfortable and healthy to live in.

It’ll come as no surprise that our answer is YES. If your home was built pre 1974, it was built with no wall insulation and your walls are loosing a considerable amount of heat.

Imagine a typical 100 square metre home. It has about 80 square meters of exterior wall and currently, the ceiling, floor and walls are uninsulated. Those walls loose about 25% of the heat. Now, imagine the home has ceiling and floor insulation. The PERCENTAGE  heat loss through the walls increases dramatically, in some cases up to 50%

When your older home is completely insulated, including external walls, you have completed your homes “thermal envelope” and the benefits of wall, ceiling and under floor work together making your home more energy efficient and warmer.  Because your walls are “warmer” condensation is less likely to form on your walls making them drier and unable to support growth of mould or mildew.  Heating bills will be less and your home will be quieter. You will have the warm wall feel of a newer home, while maintaining the charm and character of an older home!

The current New Zealand Building Code ensures that new homes are built with sufficient, ceiling, underfloor ad wall insulation to make them warm, dry and healthy but it doesn’t help the approximate 700 thousand existing Kiwi homes that were built without wall insulation and have empty, cold walls. Government grants and new rental requirements cover ceiling and underfloor insulation only. This is a great start but calling a house ‘fully insulated’ with only ceiling and underfloor insulation installed is like putting a beanie and socks on without any other clothing, and saying you’re fully dressed. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Until now, wall insulation has been put in the ‘too hard’ basket. Something to tackle if you get around to renovating. With Insulmax, you don’t need to renovate to insulate. Insulmax insulation out performs most types of conventional insulation and  can be easily retrofitted  into the wall of almost ALL types of  older home in a couple of days – so that your home is:

  • Easier and cheaper to heat
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature for longer
  • Warm in every room
  • Quieter
  • Cooler in summer
  • Dry and healthy.
  • More valuable because it has more of that warm home feel of  a newer home

Learn more about how we insulate and answer your burning questions on our FAQ page.