For Home Owners

Do You Want the Warm Wall Feel of a New Home?

Warm, healthy homes start with blown insulation. If cold or damp are words you’d use to describe your home or if you’re tired of high heating bills, insulation is a major part of the solution. While heating solutions seem like the answer, reducing the amount of heat escaping from your home is the most cost effective way to get an energy efficient, warm, dry home. After all, you are paying for the heat that is being lost from inside your home. As one of our customers put it  “Heating a home without complete insulation is like trying to catch water in a sieve.”

How much have your heating bills increased over the last five years?  Do you think the cost of heating next year is will be less? The choice is simple. Invest in insulation once and add value to your home or pay higher heating bills forever and end up with a worn out heating appliance! Either way you’ll be paying the cost for insulation whether you install it or not.



The 5 Stages to a Warmer More Comfortable Home

1. Pre- assessment of your home to ensure your home gets the full benefit of Insulmax®

2. Premium European blown mineral fibre insulation is prepared for installation

3. All wall cavities located and accessed by very small 16mm (10 cent coin sized) holes before being completely filled with Insulmax® blown insulation

4. Exterior cladding finished and left durable and weathertight

5. A final check with infra - red thermal imaging ensures that the wall is completely insulated

Why Wall Insulation?

A typical 100 square metre home has about 80 square meters of exterior wall. So, it’s no surprise that walls loose about 20% – 30% of the heat lost from a home with no insulation. Once the ceiling and floor are insulated the percentage heat loss through the walls increases dramatically. All homes built since 1974 have been built with some level of wall insulation so we’ve been aware of the benefits for decades.

When your older home is completely insulated, including outside walls, your home will be more energy efficient and so a lot warmer and mold growth won’t be supported, because it’s drier. Heating bills will be less and your home will be quieter. You will have the warm wall feel of a newer home with the charm and character of an older home!

Why Insulmax® Wall Insulation?

The cost, hassle, time and mess associated with removing walls to install wall insulation has always made it a daunting and unpleasant task. The Insulmax® retro wall insulation system is the certified, affordable, quick, no hassle, no mess, way to insulate the walls of your home. And it achieves a better result than most conventional wall insulation products.

Insulmax® retro wall blown insulation  is designed to insulate the walls of older homes and is certified to be installed in ALL types and styles and home of any construction type. Pre-assessment of your property may highlight areas of minor maintenance. The installed insulation performs better than many conventional products and has been tried and tested in Europe in over 6 million homes.

Insulmax® dry mineral fibre blown insulation is installed through the smallest install hole of any similar system in New Zealand and can be installed through all common exterior claddings or interior linings.  A network of trained and licensed Insulmax® installers ensure the product is installed correctly and your exterior cladding is finished to a durable and weather tight finish. Our installers aim to leave your home with no sign that the walls have been insulated. It's our aim that you won't see our work, but we're sure you will feel it's results!

  • Cost effective and hassle free
  • “Key hole" installation hole as small as a 10 cent coin (16 mm) .
  • Fully trained and licensed installers
  • Dry fibre blown insulation technology
  • Warmer, drier, quieter and healthier home
  • Decreased heating bills and easier to heat
  • Safe, inert and fully certified to N.Z building code
  • Add value to your home
  • Will not sag or settle
  • Product guarantee of 50 years
  • No added formaldehyde
  • Clean installation
  • High insulation values
  • Non-combustible
  • Water resistant blown insulation that will not wick, transmit or absorb water in normal use
  • Spend your DIY time and dollars on more rewarding projects
  • Peace of mind the jobs done right by Infrared imaging to ensure complete fill
  • Able to be installed through 99.9% of external claddings or internal linings
  • Security of Independent CodeMark certification of compliance with N.Z Building Code

Ceiling insulation

Insulmax® blown blanket mineral fibre ceiling insulation is blown into all voids and crevices of your roof space as well as completely covering roof timbers.

Conventional ceiling insulation can be difficult to install without gaps and joins. Roof timbers should be covered to reduce heat loss through them. Insulmax® ceiling insulation can be installed in any suitable ceiling and is the ideal solution for low pitch roof structures and skillion (flat roof) designs. Insulmax® ceiling insulation is a water resistant, high quality, soft white mineral wool manufactured to insulate roof spaces.

The blown blanket insulation system of Insulmax® insulates the entire ceiling and fills all corners and crevices with no voids or gaps, making it more effective than conventional segment or blanket products. Installed at almost any thickness, we can suit your individual requirements of insulation R rating and budget.

Some downlights, transformers and other heat sources cannot be covered by insulation. Our process identifies these and achieves recommended practices of clearances. Insulmax® ceiling insulation is compatible with all heat transfer and heat recovery systems.

  • Dry mineral fibre insulation
  • Water resistant - won't absorb or bridge water
  • Fully Breathable
  • Quick and easy insulation
  • Non - combustible
  • Safe and inert
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • High thermal insulation values
  • Will not settle slump or sag over time
  • Contains no glues or binders
  • 100% water repellant insulation with no additives
  • High recycled content
  • Tried & trusted in over 1.25 million U.K homes
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standard