Anne & Ron


We were very conscious that the south and east walls of our two story house are very exposed to the elements and as such, created a major portion of the colder temperature within the house. We looked at double glazing the windows and insulating underfloor but decided to concentrate on the walls.

To get advice on this we contacted several companies but finally decided after speaking with Rikki, that Insulmax, were the most professional, gave the best advice and had the best product. Going with them was a decision we haven’t regretted.

The decision to concentrate on the walls was also something we have not regretted. Not only have we noticed a general overall increase in warmth but internal heating is also far better retained.┬áThe installation was very quick and easy with no mess and a high level of professionalism by the guys. Two very good decisions which we have now had time to test and certainly haven’t regretted.