Derek & Kath Allen

Whangarei - 11th June 2018

My search via the internet for external wall insulation came up with “INSULMAX”. I noted the method and type of insulation used (dry fibre) together with a great R value. I made contact with Insulmax licensed Installer, Martin Meaker who came to our property to inspect and discuss the process. Insulmax is CodeMark Certified.

Several days later a quote was sent via email, to which we signed up. Our house is a 1965 weatherboard with easy access to wall cavities.  The Job was completed the same day, holes drilled in external cladding; insulation installed, holes backfilled, and sanded down. An undercoat and top coat of matching paint was  applied. Visually you could not see what had been done, the only evidence being clean white paint if you really looked…. A top job and great people to deal with.