Mike's 62 Year Old Home


I can vouch for just how good this Insulmax insulation really is. We have lived in our Rotorua weatherboard home for 28 years so any change to it is noticeable. Having had the roof done and after insulating the floor there was some change but we were still waking up on cold winter mornings to a very cold, large house. Getting the “Guys” in to do the walls has not only made it a lot cozier but there is less traffic-noise from our busy street. Our bedroom is right next to a driveway; we used to feel the percussion when a car door was closed. Now we might hear that door close but it is a lot softer as the insulation has filled up the cavity and things don’t reverberate in there no more. Getting Insulmax is a once in a lifetime choice; we’re glad we decided to go for it. One can not put a price on comfort but I am glad that the team from Insulmax did. Our 62 year old house has never had it so good…. cheers