Sarah - 6th June 2018


Barrie and Richard did an amazing job of installing Insulmax insulation in our older home. It has made a huge difference to our home; we definitely have noticed the difference in warmth. The guys worked efficiently and cooperatively to install the insulmax product in our internal walls. They educated me along the way, and showed me through the special heat camera, where the product had been installed versus the empty cavities.

Barrie and Richard take lots of pride in their work and ensured every little gap that could be insulated, was. I highly recommend anyone who is considering getting insulation, contact Barrie.  The product is of high quality, it is easy enough to install, safe for me and my baby to be at home during installation and a council preferred product. As well as gaining a warmer home, we believe we have added ‘value’ to the property.

Thanks Barrie and Richard, you guys are great!!!