Adding Insulmax insulation to the original front rooms of our 100 year old villa has made a dramatic improvement. Even with radiators the rooms were freezing. Now they are cosy and heat stays in the room. The whistling wind has been stopped so the bedroom above is much warmer. The whole house is warmer and our heating bill will be lower this winter. 
We were impressed with the sound insulation too, now we barely hear anything outside despite 3mm single-glazing sash windows. Do this before you look at expensive double glazing.  
For villa owners with nothing between sarking and weatherboards and no building paper, this product is for you! Other options would be more disruptive and costly and couldn’t get as good coverage. We chose to install from the inside to avoid drilling through the weatherboards. It took half a day and was very tidy. A home painter can prep and paint the holes afterwards. 
This product is also formaldehyde-free. You do need council permission but Harley does the paperwork and it’s straightforward. The bonus being it will go on your property file and is sure to add value!
Thanks Harley & the team!
Susie, Auckland.