There are different ways to retrofit wall insulation into an older New Zealand home. The traditional method is to remove wall linings or external claddings and install conventional segment insulation and then reline your walls and start the painting process.  In true Kiwi DIY fashion, you can do much of this work yourself or alternatively, you can pay a builder to do this for you. Homeowners undertaking this method often install insulation room by room over a long period to minimise the feeling of living in building site  for weeks on end. Here at Insulmax, we offer a modern, quick and convenient alternative that out performs conventional insulation.

At Insulmax, we install dry fibre insulation through tiny holes made in the exterior or your existing walls (or the interior lining if you prefer). Our installation process is usually complete within two days and has a very minimal (if any) impact on your lifestyle during installation.

The process begins by a registered Insulmax property assessor completing a free home assessment and providing you with a written quotation.  We assess your home for the Insulmax process and provide free advice if any maintenance may be required.  We use thermal imaging cameras to thoroughly assess the structure of your walls and to indicate the extent of any existing wall insulation.

Adding any form of insulation to the external walls of your home requires an application to your local council for a building consent or for a discretionary exemption. Once you’re ready to move forward, we lodge the council application on your behalf.  Your local Insulmax branch understand the requirements of your local council and the Insulmax Retrofit Wall Insulation Method holds CodeMark certification which makes the application process more straightforward.

On the day of installation, we simply prepare our water resistant mineral fibre  insulation (made in Europe to ISO9001 manufacturing quality standards) and install it into each cavity by blowing it through 16mm holes in your walls. It’s packed in so tightly so it won’t settle or sag and is installed dry so there are no moisture issues.

After all cavities are full, we fill each hole and finish the exterior cladding to a weathertight and durable finish that is difficult to detect. Our goal is to make it look like we were never there, even though you’ll feel the difference instantly. We do a final check with high resolution thermal imaging equipment to ensure that all  cavities have been filled and no areas have been missed.  Every install is covered by a 50 year written guarantee (excluding paint) which should be kept along with the approved council application with your homes paperwork.

You can stay home throughout the process with no interruption to you and the job is complete in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

The Insulmax retrofit wall insulation system saves you time, hassle and money. Think of us as the keyhole surgeons of the insulation world. Our process and product is CodeMark Certified and has been installed in over 1 million UK homes. For more information, visit our Home Owners section.

To book your free home assessment, fill out this form or call your local branch on 0508 246 785