About us

Experts in retrofit wall insulation

At Insulmax, we pride ourselves in providing innovative  home insulation solutions to  New Zealanders that are tailored to your home and use the latest technology and products.

We are blown mineral fibre insulation specialists and have the experience and technology to very effectively and affordably insulate the walls of your home. We were the first retro fit wall insulation method to be awarded CodeMark certification.

We saw a gap (mind the pun!) in the New Zealand market for retro fit wall insulation that can be installed in almost any home, no matter how old it is. Forget about removing wall linings. Don’t wait until you renovate. Don’t stop at just floor and ceiling insulation. We can transform your home to a warm and inviting place to be without any preconceived hassles.

Our goal

The majority of homes in New Zealand were built with no wall insulation. Our vision is for everyone to have a drier, warmer, quieter and healthier home through cost effective insulation.

National support with local knowledge

We have great license holders around the country who share our values. They are trained in the assessment of your home and our insulation systems. We pride ourselves on unbiased advise and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about them below.

Your home can have that warm feel of a newer home. We look forward to transforming your home to how it should be.

Our people

About Phil Jackson

After moving from the U.K. we found that even with ceiling and underfloor insulation, our home always seemed cold. Our children’s rooms were routinely below 10ºC, putting their health at risk.

New Zealand is ahead of the game in many areas but not in the warmth, comfort and health of its older homes. Your home should be warm comfortable place to live, and it shouldn’t cost the earth to heat.

Using knowledge from my B.Sc. Hons., experience in process and thermal engineering and experience from installing products used for over 30 years in the New Zealand marketplace, we developed the dry Insulmax® mineral fibre wall insulation system.

The Europeans have been developing wall  insulation technology for many years so it seemed obvious how to transform our New Zealand home.

Your home should be a healthy and warm place to live and it shouldn’t cost the earth to heat. I hope that we can transform your home to how it’s supposed to be.

Conan Mitchell, Insulmax® Insulation Ltd.

Conan Mitchell manages the Otago/South Canterbury area. He has a broad background, ranging from cabinet maker to managing a chain of retail stores. He has the skills and experience to offer solutions for your colder home and he’s motivated by the positive comments he gets from his customers.

Kathleen and Stephen Jestin, Insulmax® Manawatu

Kathleen and Stephen Jestin are based in Fielding. They have a long history of installing wall insulation and have been fitting retro wall insulation since 2006. Stephen has had a long interest in energy efficiency and sustainable technologies.Read what our customers have to say about Stephen’s work.

Barrie & Angie Mullins - Insulmax® Waikato & BOP

Barrie and Angie Mullins cover the area of Waikato and Bay of Plenty. They pride themselves on delivering high levels of customer service. They are constantly motivated by their customers feedback on how their homes have been transformed by the Insulmax® wall insulation system. Read what our customers have to say about Barrie’s work.

James Carter - Insulmax® Southland

James Carter manages  Insulmax® Southland Ltd. His family has been involved with the retro fit wall insulation industry for two generations and James has a wealth of knowledge about your insulation needs. James also owns  BJ Carter Builders and so has extensive construction knowledge of your older Southland home. Read what our customers have to say about Jame’s work.

Harley Turner - Insulmax® Auckland

Harley manages the greater Auckland region.  He has a background in eduction and his passion for helping New Zealanders to have a more energy efficient and healthy home through better insulation is contagious Read what our customers have to say about Harley’s work.

Eamonn Kilgariff - Insulmax® Wellington

Eamonn Kilgariff manages the most experienced installers of retro wall insulation in the Wellington region. He has installed more homes with wall insulation than any other local company. Having been in the retro wall industry for about 10 years, Eamonn’s passion for improving the energy efficiency of your home is contagious! Read our customer’s rave reviews about Eamonn and his team

Alex McDonald - Insulmax® Hawkes Bay & Gisborne

Alex has a broad range of experience from owning a construction business to more recently being involved, on a National level, promoting a leading form of residential efficiency. His level of enthusiasm and dedication to customer service are second to none. He is experienced in many areas of residential home efficiency. Click to see what Alex’s customers say